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Summary of my door to door on de Gascogne / d'Alsace on May 2, 2021

Dernière mise à jour : 6 août 2021

Rue de Gascogne is the only street to access Préville school from Simard Blvd.

Several families with young children live in this area.

Citizens are concerned about the fact that there is no school corridor on de Gascogne, no indications on the ground or signs to slow down traffic. This street has no sidewalks. The children walk in the street and the cars circulate there quickly to join Simard.

We got similar comments for Avenue d'Alsace. Even with a school corridor, citizens report a high speed of cars and buses leaving school. A speed bump is suggested by citizens on this street.

The black dot on the map below indicates the only slowdown sign but it is more or less useful because it is located at the end of the street.

Here is a video summary of the door to door:

Here is the annual report on road safety and crime interventions 2019 for Saint-Lambert obtained following an access to information request.

We see a 30% increase for collisions with minor injuries (26 vs 20, 2018-2019 variation).

We must aim for 0 accidents and make our streets safer. Each accident is one accident too many.

I was also informed of several thefts from homes and thefts from cars recently in this area. Citizens deplore weak police surveillance.

We see a 120% increase in robberies (11 vs 5, 2018-2019 variation).

A theft prevention program and greater police surveillance must be put in place to reduce and stop these misdeeds.

2021-1445 Lettre de réponse finale Poli
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Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Spencer Haywood, a friend of mine who was a city councillor in Kirkland for many years. Spencer spent the afternoon with me and met some old acquaintance during the day (-;

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